Miele launches first mobile air purifier

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Miele Professional’s Air-Control mobile air purification unit is aimed at restaurants and hotels.

In response to the pandemic, the professional division of Miele has launched its AirControl air purifier to minimise the spread of air-borne infections and improve hygiene efficiency within closed spaces.

To help businesses prevent the spread of the viruses, the manufacturer has developed the AirControl in record time, making it the fastest ‘concept to production’ product to hit the market in Miele’s history.

With stringent hygiene measures in place for the foreseeable future and with many indoor public areas already open in the UK in accordance with the government roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions, the unit is a solution to prevent the spread of infection. The product is therefore aimed at sites including hotels, restaurants and care homes.

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Miele Professional has collaborated with UlmAir, an air filtration company based in Germany, to ensure best-in-class technology is instilled throughout the design of AirControl. This contains a five-stage filtration system which includes a certified HEPA H14 filter built to remove 99.9995% of harmful particles from indoor air circulation.

With droplets of around > 5 µm (micrometre) primarily responsible for transmission of the SAR-CoV-2 virus over short distance, a recent study has also identified the distribution of aerosol particles as potential virus carries. Aerosol particles of approximately < 5 µm in size present a high risk of infection, especially in enclosed spaces, as they can remain suspended in air and can travel easily. Indirect infection with aerosol particles, which accumulate in a room over time, cannot be entirely prevented by non-medical masks.

Additional to the high-capacity HEPA H14 filter, the five-stage filtration system has been designed with a coarse filter to hold back and filter out coarse particles such as pollen, lint and small paper fibres; a fine filter which retains particles between 1 to 10 µm in size (smoke, germs and bacteria); an active charcoal filter to remove odours; and an exhaust filter to optimise air discharge, ensuring the uniform distribution of air. The capacity and performance of the air purifier is designed to allow a six-fold displacement of room air per hour.

To strengthen defence against the virus, air purifiers are complimentary to other preventive measures such as social distancing, the washing of hands and the wearing of masks. While ventilating rooms by opening windows may be seen as a viable option for dispersing particles, it can be inefficient and involve energy losses in the winter months. Instead, air purifiers continuously scrub the air and rid it of any harmful particles though constant filtration, permanently reducing the viral load.

AirControl will be available to purchase in three model types – PAC 1045, PAC1 080, PAC 1200 – which differ based on the size of the room it will serve and the airflow volume required. Its other features include: Miele ThermoControl for the thermal deactivation of relevant pathogens; integrated CO2 sensor (USP) representing an indirect method of measuring aerosol concentrations in room air; programme selections including manual, time-controlled, CO2-controlled, combined time and CO2 controls (USP); CO2-controlled operation which allows the air throughput to be adapted to the ambient conditions; and mobile and flexible in use thanks to smooth-running castors.

Simon Venni, country sales manager GB&I at Miele Professional said: “Covid-19 increased the urgency for a solution in the professional environment, which meant that we accelerated our development process to get the product to market.

“With both hygiene and quality in mind, the Miele Air-Control has been designed to prevent the spread of infection through air-borne particles and will increasingly play an important role beyond the pandemic. Alongside other measures put in place to foster a hygienic environment, which is crucial as indoor spaces reopen, the air purifier can be used by a range of businesses to keep staff and customer safe.”

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