Metcalfe Catering Equipment has brought the Flexsil-lid range of re-usable lids to the UK for the first time.

An Australian invention, Flexsil-lids can replace plastic film wrap and foil and is designed to cover gastronorm and steam pans.

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They were primarily designed for keeping foodstuffs fresher for longer when stored in fridges or coldrooms but are also capable of being frozen and cooked with.

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Flexsil-lids are designed to be resistant to both the heat of ovens and the cold of freezers and are made from food grade silicon.

Using a patented ‘lip-lock’ design, the Flexsil-lid fits all standard Gastronorms or steam pans, covering the contents to maintain freshness longer when stored, or speed up the cooking time if used in ovens.

Designed to withstand temperatures down to -40°C if used in freezers, and up to 220°C when cooking in ovens, the product could eliminate the use of excessive amounts of ‘plastic’ film wrap to keep food fresh or ‘foil’ to cook with.

The Flexsil-lid is dishwasher safe and is designed to be used many times over.