Meiko UK releases BIM models


Meiko UK has added 90 of its best-selling dish, glass and pot-washing machines to the CESA BIM database.

The firm’s customers now have access to more than 200 Meiko BIM models which have been created with both designers and end users in mind. The models contain all of the technical information necessary at design stage and end users will benefit from key documentation such as O&M manuals and spare parts lists.

“BIM is an investment but definitely the way forward,” says Meiko UK CAD manager Anita Veerd. “During our initial research there were mixed views on the need to implement BIM. However, as the industry has evolved it has proven to be a topic not to be ignored, especially as the UK is leading the way.

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“We have worked closely with Schematic to ensure all of the necessary parameters and attributes are built into our models, which are now accessible on the CESA BIM database and designers can access them by signing up to AutoScheme.”

Elsewhere, Meiko has donated warewashing equipment worth €97,000 to the German Federal Foreign Office and Federal Agency for Technical Relief to support the battle against Ebola.

At the Ebola treatment centres run by international aid organisations, cutlery, dishware, care utensils and similar items play a key role in the chain of infection. Meiko managing director Stefan Scheringer explained: “Our machines are designed to clean and reprocess all these things so that they can be safely re-used, even if they have come into contact with patients’ bodily fluids.”

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