Meiko gives water softening the boot


All of Meiko’s premium front-loading and hood-type glass, dish and utensil washers will be fitted with reverse osmosis technology from 2012, the manufacturer revealed today.

The move towards a broader adoption of its GiO RO technology marks a significant shift in the company’s attitude towards water softeners.

“We will no longer be offering integral or cabinet water softeners on these products,” confirmed Bill Downie, managing director of Meiko UK Limited. “This spells the end for softened water for warewashing. Replacing softeners with reverse osmosis will give publicans nationwide sparkling clean glassware and dishes and save them many hundreds of pounds annually.”

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Meiko first introduced its GiO reverse osmosis technology three years ago and it has proved to be a success where spot-free and sparkling glassware is required, as RO water removes all calcium and up to 98% of mineral particles from water.

It also offers savings of as much as 1.5ml detergent and 0.75ml rinse aid per cycle, according to the company.

Meiko says that unlike other RO water treatment systems on the market, the GiO system is contained within the machine footprint and therefore needs no independent softener apparatus for pre-conditioning the incoming raw water as well as saving valuable floor space.

Meiko claims one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional water softeners is that staff must remember to keep them topped up with salt. If they forget, a busy catering operation or pub in a hard water area will see visible limescale build-up within a few days. Just 1mm of scale in the boiler can add 12% to the running costs, it claims.

It also estaimtes that as much as 15% of all commercial kitchen breakdown calls are linked to leaks, timer failures or lack of salt within the water softener itself.

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