Meiko UK has expanded its CAD department in Slough due to continued strong demand for its warewashing and food waste handling systems.

Matt Halstead has now joined the team as CAD operator.

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A graduate in mechanical engineering from Warwick University, Halstead has spent 5 years as a CAD designer in the oil and gas industry.

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Using AutoCAD, Revit and MicroStation, he was involved in designing refineries, warehouse and power structures.

He commented: “Being a CAD Operator you are turning an engineer’s vision into a plan, which can then become reality, and it is exciting to see the final product you have worked on.

“I really enjoy designing kitchens as there are many different and varied types, from airports to hospitals, hotels to schools. I can relate to them far more that I can with an oil refinery!

“A great thing about working for Meiko is that they have a very friendly CAD team and provide excellent on-going training.

“I have already been able to improve some of my skills and I look forward to expanding my experience and knowledge further.”