Iain Munro has worked hard to ensure that ScoMac remained on an even keel following the turmoil of the world banking crisis, having stepped up to the MD role at the Livingston-based distributor when it was bought by the Unitech Group in January 2009.

As he spent 10 years as business development director at the dealer when it was known as Scobie & McIntosh, plus previous stints on the manufacturer side of the industry with Rational and Falcon and at the coal face of hospitality operations, Iain brings to the table an extensive knowledge of kitchen design and operation.

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It is this which has enabled him to lead ScoMac to now topping a £90m annual turnover.

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He is also directing a focus on maintaining cash flow and improving margin, by carefully examining projects the dealer takes on, especially schemes to fill the orderbooks in quieter months.

Indeed, in 2015 Iain helped ScoMac to secure a major new retail client which produced 25 kitchen fit-out schemes, bringing in approximately £2m to the company’s coffers.

He also backed the firm’s drive for ISO 9001 quality management accreditation, which it received in January.

Overseeing significant machinery purchasing investment, this year, Iain moved the spotlight onto IT systems, which he has identified as crucial to future-proof the company’s operations.

Soon this will result in a single common area where all staff can access project information.

As a former chairman of CEDA too, it is clear that Iain deserves his place among this industry’s business leaders.


Company: ScoMac Catering Equipment
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Tel: 01506 426200
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