Darryl Pannell’s restaurant chain background has informed every innovation he has helped to institute at Dunstable-based Advance Group.

In fact, the company has a policy of employing end-user experienced staff so that they can understand exactly what their customers want from an equipment dealer and supplier.

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Darryl even goes as far as to feel that making money is not his or the company’s top priority: instead that honour goes to working with customers closely and delivering fantastic service and support.

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He believes that once that happens, the commercial aspects of the business will take care of themselves.

He is no stranger to technological advances either, as he has helped put into place a highly detailed bespoke IT system, which covers everything in the company from servicing to project management.

Seeking out a computer programmer to bring together asset database and analysis system functions, Darryl oversaw an achievement that means Advance’s internal management system joins up all of its services into one holistic proposition.

This is tremendously useful for a distributor that specialises in big chain rollouts, working on up to 100 kitchen projects a year.

It has also reduced the number of open service calls Advance has, as its service department can instantly access all required information about each equipment asset and its operational life.

Darryl also strongly backs Advance’s other role as an equipment supplier. He ensures that the firm only takes on innovative products which offer something different and unique, such as Thermodyne food warmers and Italian-manufactured Firedome pizza ovens.

As innovation is in both his and Advance’s DNA, expect to see many more unique ideas coming out of this chain restaurant expert.


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