Meet your 100 Greats: Equipment, part 5

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Catering Insight is celebrating its 100th issue with a run-down of 100 UK catering equipment industry greats, comprising people, projects, equipment and business developments.

Today we take an in-depth look at the last lot of equipment: Quintex Cheetah, Charvet bespoke suites, Cambro Camshelving, Synergy Grill and Rieber Thermoport.


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Quintex Cheetah demand-controlled kitchen ventilation

Demand-controlled kitchen ventilation has been gathering momentum for the last 10 years, and while Quintex’s Cheetah system was preceded by several other worthy competitors, its offering has cornered the market in thousands of restaurant, pub, retail and leisure outlets in the UK.

The patented ventilation solution modulates extract and supply fans in line with kitchen activity, ensuring fans are only running at high speeds when required to minimise the energy being used.

Cheetah’s energy monitoring unit can meter energy usage in up to eight locations in a restaurant/kitchen. The data is downloaded remotely and presented to the customer. This verifies savings and identifies further optimisation.

Charvet bespoke cooking suites

French manufacturer Charvet’s bespoke ranges have come to be known as the Rolls-Royce marque of cooking equipment. Examples of Charvet’s bespoke craftsmanship are still in working use today at grand hotels including The Dorchester and Hintlesham Hall, although they were installed over 25 years ago.

Charvet Bespoke ranges are fully welded from high quality stainless steel. They also utilise a good old fashioned ‘chassis’ for strength and ease of access. While this means extra labour, materials, weight and cost at the point of manufacture, this also helps to ensure the longest possible working life and it means they can be updated to take advantage of new technology.

The suites are designed from a blank canvas to meet exact size, shape and design requirements. They were among the first to feature a central services location which simplifies the process of construction, servicing and maintenance.

Cambro Camshelving shelving

Shelving is often an overlooked element of professional kitchen outfitting. But well-specified shelving systems can transform any foodservice outlets’ fortunes, and none more so than Cambro Manufacturing’s Camshelving. The manufacturer first introduced this in 1999 with the aim of reaching a ‘shelving for life’ goal, and is now used in walk-in refrigerators, freezers, dry storage and front of house.

Due to the fact that its polypropylene shelf plates do not rust, and contain technology which stops mould, fungus and bacteria from growing, the product has revolutionised shelving.

In the 20 years since it was launched, Camshelving has undergone many improvements, and Cambro has credited it with paving the way for an array of further products, such as Drying Cradles and Racks, the Flex Station, Ultimate #10 Can Rack, and Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack.

Synergy Grill Technology grill

Before the first Synergy Grill, chargrilling technology hadn’t changed in over 40 years. Then in 2001 Synergy Grill Technology brought chargrilling into the 21st century. Unlike conventional chargrills, a Synergy Grill atomises fat, thereby eradicating the need for a fat tray, and thus the need to dispose of fat waste altogether. This unique process eradicates foodservice operator’s contributions to FOG damage.

Due to the atomisation, there is no cross-flavouring through smoke contamination, therefore fish, meat and vegetables can all be cooked at the same time. Once the fat has atomised, all other moisture permeates back into the food to ensure a perfect texture and taste.

The Synergy Grill’s unique gas burner system pre-mixes air with gas so that users are able to burn 100% of the gas as opposed to the more usual 65-75%. Synergy also uses an advanced air vortex technology which optimises heat input.

Rieber Thermoport insulated food transport box

Rieber’s Thermoport insulated food transport box allowed, for the first time, consistent temperature-controlled delivery of hot and cold foods nationwide. There were other insulated boxes available, but they were neither sufficiently flexible nor robust enough to do what caterers needed.

Thermoport plastic boxes are dishwasher safe up to 90°C, ensuring ease of hygiene for the caterer. There are also specialist applications for individual applications such as transport over rough terrain, lifts, stairs, specialist vehicles, height and width restrictions, towable or stackable. New developments in castors smooth out the bumps and can even mean the hospital tea trolley runs along quietly.

Because the manufacturer also makes the accessories such as lids, GN containers, ladles and spoons, they fit properly and work as an integrated unit with the Thermoport.

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