Meet your 100 Greats: Equipment, part 4

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Catering Insight is celebrating its 100th issue with a run-down of 100 UK catering equipment industry greats, comprising people, projects, equipment and business developments.

Today we take an in-depth look at the fourth set of equipment: Merrychef high speed ovens, Falcon Dominator six burner, Mechline’s HyGenikx, Vitamix The Quiet One and Menu System induction ranges.


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Merrychef high speed ovens

Merrychef revolutionised the UK foodservice industry with its range of high-speed ovens: a journey which began back in 1968 when the brand launched the first gas powered high-speed cooking oven for the commercial market. Combining convection and microwave technologies, this industry first product marked the start of an incredible, high speed route.

Since then, Merrychef has developed a plethora of high-speed oven innovations such as the electric powered ec401 (now known as the eikon e3) in 1987 which marked the launch of the industry’s first high speed bakery oven. Then in 2008, Merrychef launched its eikon range, which for the first time utilised three heat technologies – microwave, convection and impingement – for high quality food results at a speed up to 10x faster than other cooking methods.

In 2015 the Merrychef eikon e2s was launched with the smallest ratio of cavity width to footprint.

Falcon Dominator six burner oven range

Falcon’s Dominator six burner oven range (and its successors, including the current Dominator Plus) is one of the iconic foodservice kitchen cooking appliances. The Dominator oven range is the one many chefs learn their craft on and go on to use in their working life.

The first Dominator six burner range was launched in 1980. Its success led to its continued development over the decades. The Dominator Mark II (model G1107) was introduced in 1987. The G2101 was launched in 2001. In 2011 Falcon made more extensive upgrades with the launch of the G3101 Dominator Plus six burner gas range.

Mechline HyGenikx air and surface steriliser

Particularly pertinent in these coronavirus-impacted times, Mechline’s recently-launched HyGenikx air and surface hygiene amplification system is already taking the market by storm.

The compact, wall-mounted system is designed to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the foodservice and hospitality environment, as well as significantly prolong the life of fresh perishable food. HyGenikx, however works safely all day and every day, eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in the air and on exposed surfaces in a given space.

Vitamix The Quiet One blender

10 years ago, Vitamix introduced the first of its ground-breaking ‘The Quiet One’ noise-reducing blenders to the market. The series is designed to be up to four times quieter than any competitors, which enables it to be used in front of house environments.

Combining the latest technology and materials with vibration dampening and a magnetic cover, The Quiet One is offers good beverage blending capability and increased speed in one, compact, countertop appliance. A patented Advance container should create faster, smoother pouring and has a longer blade life.

Air management and a ≈3 peak output HP motor, along with six buttons and up to 34 optimised programmes, means that quality and output is consistent.

Menu System induction ranges

Menu System has been a true influencer in the induction cooking market for 35 years. The Swiss company has driven transformation across the professional kitchen landscape, leading the switch from resource heavy gas and electric cookers to energy and cost-efficient induction cookery.

Menu System was privileged to gain an early foothold in the UK, thanks to innovators such as Anton Mosimann, Paul Gayler and Hayden Groves.The brand is supplied by Exclusive Ranges.

Induction technology reduces the costs of energy consumption by up to 85%. It does this by having pan detection and energy management for each appliance, so no appliance needs to run unnecessarily. This reduces the heat in the kitchen and enables better environmental control.

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