Meet your 100 Greats: Equipment, part 2

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Catering Insight is celebrating its 100th issue with a run-down of 100 UK catering equipment industry greats, comprising people, projects, equipment and business developments.

Today we take an in-depth look at the second section of equipment: Wexiödisk pre-rinse machines, Mechline’s GreasePak, Filta’s Filtavent, Unox’s Evereo and Krupps’ iKloud.


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Wexiödisk PRM pre-rinse machine

Swedish manufacturer Wexiödisk pioneered pre rinse machines for warewashing with the launch of the PRM60/90 for rack conveyors in 2004.

The patented PRM unit replaces the sink and overhead spray arm, utilising the same space next to the warewasher, and uses the waste water from the wash tank to pre-rinse the crockery. By reusing this water, the crockery is pre-rinsed with warm, chemical enriched water which is sprayed from above and below inside the hood of the PRM machine ensuring that most of the debris is washed away. This whole process is done inside of the machine, which means there is no excess water splashed onto the walls, operator or floor thus providing a more comfortable environment.

Furthermore, the PRM alleviates the risk of repetitive strain injuries caused from manual rinsing; end users can prevent an average of 35,000 monotonous movements per year.

Mechline GreasePak drain dosing system

Mechline’s GreasePak biological drain maintenance system struck a blow in the war against fats, oils and grease (FOG) being discharged into the UK sewer network. The automatic drain dosing system comprises a self-contained wall-mounted dosing unit and the bio-fluid dispensed in a long-life, battery operated unit or mains powered option.

GreasePak’s Multi Strain Grease Degrader (MSGD) Fluid contains naturally occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria, containing in excess of 500m colony forming bacteria per gram. The formula came out of extensive testing of bacterial strains that would perform well in a kitchen environment.

The result permanently breaks down FOG and starches in the drain so that they cannot reform or solidify. GreasePak is the only bioremediation system to be BBA-approved as an effective form of grease removal – a standard that confirms products are ‘fit for purpose’ and of high quality.

FiltaVent automated extract duct-cleaning

The FiltaVent system has dramatically eased the issue of caterers staying continually compliant with TR19 standards, the specification introduced by the building engineering services association (BESA) for fire risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems.

The Filta system works around the clock with flexible pre-programmable timing set to suit the individual needs of each kitchen. Biological enzymes are then dispersed along the entire route of the ductwork and are able to target all corners and inaccessible areas easily – unlike with manual cleaning where these areas are often missed, avoided or simply inaccessible.

This therefore means the customer no longer has to close their kitchen for deep cleans of the ductwork or arrange for overnight cleans to then return the next morning to find the kitchen in a mess.

Unox Evereo hot holder

2018 saw Unox launch the Evereo, the revolutionary ‘hot refrigerator’ – an innovative and technological service temperature food preserver which has redefined hot-holding by safely maintaining food at serving temperature for extended periods or days or even weeks.

Evereo is the only piece of equipment that utilises Exever Service Temperature Food Preserving patented technology to preserve food safely at the temperature at which it is served and eaten, and above the danger zone for bacterial growth.

It offers a more conventional ‘holding mode’, for holding food up to eight hours, as well as ‘preserving mode’, where chefs can use custom or pre-set programmes to preserve dishes in sealed containers for days or weeks. Food can be cooked and held without the traditional blast chilling, cold storage and regeneration process, saving precious time and energy.

Krupps iKloud wifi warewashers

Italian manufacturer Krupps beat everyone in the market to become the first to offer warewashers with remote connectivity. Back in 2015 the firm launched its iKloud concept, which enables end users to control the machine remotely, check its consumption and set a daily switch on/off. Those actions are designed to improve the efficiency of the warewasher.

Technicians can view machine parameters online to analyse how the machine is being used. In case of error the self-diagnostic system will immediately notify the relevant technical assistance to ensure the client receives a real-time intervention.

Engineers can even solve any anomalies remotely with no physical intervention required. Prompt diagnosis and remote intervention of the washing system can be carried out from anywhere with any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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