Mechline’s GreasePak gets back into action in Antarctica

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The Halley VI Antarctic research station features four Mechline GreasePaks.

Antarctic research station Halley VI has recently relocated 23km to avoid being cut off from the ice by a chasm. This meant that the Mechline GreasePaks installed in the station had to move with it.

Modo-CKD originally provided the four grease management systems in 2013 for the station, which is part of a global network providing information on the atmosphere and how it is changing.

Therefore it was important that avoidable drain blockages and the like do not jeopardise the smooth running of operations.

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When Halley’s series of eight modules were towed to its new home, this was completed thanks to each pod having ski-fitted hydraulic legs. The process took 13 weeks to complete, with the station ready for reoccupation in November. Now Mechline’s GreasePak has resumed its role supporting this unique setup.

In the peak summer season some 70 people reside at the station, all of whom need feeding. It is the job of the on-board chef to cook a huge breakfast, hot lunch and large dinner for everyone: It is the job of Mechline’s GreasePak to keep the kitchen drains clear and free flowing.

GreasePak works by employing bio-enzymatic fluid consisting of over 500m bugs per gram to permanently breakdown FOG into irreversible simpler compounds, which cannot reform down the line.

The system was chosen for Antarctica’s unique and fragile environment as it is said to be effective, natural and non-harmful. Designed to prevent drains from smelling, this element should be useful for the researchers confined to a ‘living module’ within -10⁰C degree surroundings (the average summer temperature).

Minimising the impact on the environment is important to the researchers at Halley. Neil Coombes, group commercial director at Modo-CKD commented: “We have sent four GreasePaks in total to the site in Antarctica. It was the obvious choice for several reasons, mainly because it is effective, easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Importantly, GreasePak’s fluid is 100% natural and environmentally safe.”

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