Even food preparation equipment, which has traditionally been the preserve of the back of house in commercial kitchens, cannot escape the trend of theatre cooking.

With so many operators wanting to create a ‘show’ to differentiate themselves from the competition, dealers need to be forearmed with the knowledge of what preparation equipment is in the market that can impress diners.

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As Paula Sherlock, MD of supplier Signature FSE says: “In the theatre kitchen environment, chefs have the sense that not only the food they cook and their skills but also all the equipment they use is under their customers’ scrutiny.

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“This is why they become more aware of the theatrical and visual potential of the equipment in order to wow the clients and offer them an engaging dining experience.”

However, she advised: “Chefs shouldn’t consider front of house usage alone when choosing food preparation equipment, but obviously need to consider the product efficiency and quality first.

“What makes a product more suitable for front of house usage will be its design, its innovative characteristics and its originality factor in order to impress the customers watching chefs working.”

Sherlock feels that even cookware such as de Buyer’s stainless steel Affinity range, supplied by Signature FSE, could enhance an open kitchen.

“From the customers’ point of view, they will be impressed by its classic design, with its riveted handles and shiny appearance while, for chefs, the Affinity range will work perfectly on all heat sources and in the oven and guarantee a very rapid rise in temperature and a perfect heat distribution thanks to its innovative five-layer material (a combination of stainless steel and aluminium alloy),” she said.