Küppersbusch has announced that it has increased its productivity by 25%, reduced its standard delivery times to 4 weeks at most, reduced lead times by 25% and has achieved 100% success in meeting delivery times.

The firm’s standard lead time for most products, electrically or gas heated kettles, pans, ranges, deep fat fryers is now about 4 weeks – often only 3, it says.

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The lead time for its Palmarium – individually designed central ranges – has been reduced to 8 weeks.

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Marc-Oliver Schneider, MD of Küppersbusch, commented on the company’s lean management optimisations: “We take pride in these tremendous improvements. Nevertheless, we do not sit back. We continue to improve.”

The catering company said its results are due to the conversion of workflow and anchoring the KVP idea (continuous improvement process) in the minds of its staff.

Maurice Preuß, production manager, said: “In our final assembly we have changed over from conventional chain to island production in one-piece-flow.

“Workflow is designed according to key production figures, optimised and checked depending on the key figures by the members of our staff with responsibility for that particular production.”

Boiling pans and others are produced on six manufacturing islands. Each manufacturing island is produces a specific part of the production range.

The staff members of the each island aim to build a strong team ethic and are responsible for the appliances, from the first step of assembly up to the final examination.