Following the announcement that Manitowoc Foodservice will cease to manufacture the Moorwood Vulcan brand in the UK, the firm was keen to emphasise that dealers will be supported through this transition.

Steve Hemsil, sales director for the UK and Ireland, detailed: “Manitowoc will honour all outstanding warranties and any new Moorwood Vulcan equipment currently being sold will still have its standard 1 year warranty.

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“All specification sheets will still be available, along with manuals and spare part lists, through our website.”

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He continued: “As a responsible manufacturer we will continue to supply spare parts for Moorwood Vulcan equipment for a minimum of 7 years; however we anticipate this support continuing for many years after that, as we recognise that there is a large number of Moorwood Vulcan products within the industry that will need supporting for many years to come.”

Regarding the decision, Hemsil explained: “As a company with innovation and technology at its core, Moorwood Vulcan sadly no longer fits with the overall Manitowoc identity and therefore the decision was taken to retire the brand from our portfolio.

“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly as it is such an iconic British brand which is highly respected within the industry for its no nonsense, simple, robust build and its reliability.”

Acknowledging that some dealers may be concerned, he said: “We have some very loyal distributors and end users of Moorwood Vulcan products and we understand their disappointment in that they will not be able to continue to purchase the brand going forward.

“Within the Manitowoc portfolio there are some alternative brands, in the form of Garland and GICO, that may provide a solution, whilst there are other good quality medium duty horizontal cooking brands within the UK market which should provide a suitable replacement for distributors and end users.”

The full discontinuation of the brand will come into effect by the end of 2016.

Moorwood Vulcan joined Manitowoc Foodservice (then Enodis) in 1998, and has been designed and manufactured in the UK for over 150 years.

This cessation of the brand will allow the current factory to be completely incorporated into the Merrychef manufacturing system, and all staff will be trained in the Merrychef development and manufacturing process.

Hemsil commented: “The Merrychef brand goes from strength to strength and is particularly aimed at the current and future trend of food to go and food on the move.

“We have continued to see a significant trend of sales in traditional equipment, like a six burner range, declining in recent years, whilst technologically advanced equipment, such as Merrychef, has grown significantly.

“As such, our dealers will benefit from us investing in the future and they and their customers will have access to products that combine the latest technology with the latest food trends.

“We are also able to offer dealers and their customers added value in terms of training, food development, menu planning and programming on our Merrychef brand, which we believe further strengthens the relationship with dealers and their customers.

“Products such as these also provide improved margins, compared to the very competitive price led world of medium duty horizontal cooking.”