The scourge of limescale deposits affecting warewasher performance is a major issue throughout the country, so dealers have to consider this right at the beginning of a project or installation when specifying appliances.

For instance, Maidaid Halcyon’s sales director Julian Lambert describes hard water as the “nemesis” of warewashing equipment.

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“As a result of customer feedback many years ago we developed a range of machines with internal water treatment,” he detailed.

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The majority of this range has internal continuous water softeners, but Lambert advised that for extremely hard water areas, the manufacturer would advise using an external softener too.

He explained: “Water treatment has increasing become an inbuilt component for manufacturers of warewashing equipment; there are two main advantages to this approach.

“Firstly the manufacturer can provide inbuilt protection for its equipment and secondly it reduces the often difficult task of finding space for the installation of a secondary device.

“The downside of internal water treatment devices is that they invariably must be of a small physical size. This has the ultimate effect of offering a reduced capacity, and not something the user is always made aware of.”

At Electrolux, it has ensured that all of its warewashers are able to cope well in hard water areas, with two options designed to eliminate limescale build-up.