Looking east requires power and efficiency

Nayati has 30 years’ experience of manufacturing Asian cooking equipment.

Nayati UK operations director Mark Reid advises distributors that when specifying Asian cuisine cooking equipment they should look to a sector specialist:

At the speed that Asian cooking processes are carried out, distributors need to ensure they are specifying a powerful and efficient appliance to meet the demands.

End users operating within the Asian marketplace require cooking equipment that has been expertly designed and manufactured to meet their specific needs, from a manufacturer that knows exactly what is required in a successful Asian kitchen.

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With the manufacturing plant based in the heart of Asia, Nayati’s journey towards excellence has taken over 30 years of continuous development, from a simple stainless steel workshop to an international kitchen equipment brand.

Our determination, ambitious innovation and relentless pursuit of craftsmanship excellence have positioned Nayati where it is today, delivering premium kitchen solutions to chefs all over the world.

For distributors and consultants looking to specify Asian equipment, it is vital that they work closely with the manufacturer and customer to ensure that the equipment suits the kitchen operation.

Distributors should be searching for quality equipment that has been built to withstand the speed and intensity of the operation, to ensure that the end user is able to provide authentic and quality Asian food to its customers.

From our experience, only CE-approved cooking equipment is suitable for the UK and European marketplace. Our Asian cooking range has been developed within the Asian marketplace for three decades and we have worked very closely with many respected Asian chefs throughout East Asia, allowing us understand exactly is required in successful East Asian kitchens.

Whilst the wok is at the centre of an Asian kitchen, there are now many other pieces of cooking equipment that are needed to complement the full set up of this type of kitchen.

The Asian cooking process is carried out at high speed and for this operation, very powerful and efficient appliances are needed to run at high temperatures to produce high quality food.

Nayati’s vast experience of Asian cooking equipment has helped us deliver a full range of CE-approved cooking equipment suitable for the UK and European marketplace.

We have already worked with some of our partners in the UK to deliver some fantastic Asian kitchens; we feel this has been achieved with great collaboration between all stakeholders working together.

Nayati is more than happy to support trading partners with advice and training to help deliver a great solution to their customers’ kitchen. We have great confidence in our products and know these will complement Asian kitchens.

Nayati would be delighted to see distributors and consultants at our premises in Hull where we hold a full range of Asian products. Here, we will be able to answer any questions they may have in regards to specifying Asian equipment.

The Nayati full range of equipment can be seen on our website, where distributors can view our collection of Asian equipment which includes teppanyaki and yakitori grills, turbo and induction woks, Chinese cooking blocks, dim sum steamers and deck steamers and duck roasters.




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