The dedicated restaurant team in Lockhart Catering Design Services in Manchester have designed and fitted a new ‘Paella Station’ as part of a refurbishment package for the La Tasca branch in Liverpool – Queens Square.

The brief from the operator was to bring the atmosphere of the Spanish classic dish out to the customers, where they can see the dish cooked freshly before them.

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This also included the requirement of an open flame rather than an induction method to keep the process authentic.

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The dish was originally being prepared on an imperial hob, which was more than suitable for the task and so the proposal simply used a three burner imperial hob with a granite slab for serving the dish once finished.

Sam Henson, restaurant sector brand manager at Lockhart Catering Design Services, commented: “The refurbishment has already received fantastic customer reviews.

“Paella sales were slow at first but once the concept caught on and people saw more dishes being prepared, production has now increased tenfold.”