Catering equipment dealer, Lockhart, has fitted the Westfield Centre’s food court in Shepherds Bush with Winterhalter warewashers in a bid to limit energy usage and waste and increase sustainability.

The shopping centre said that sustainability is a key part of its scullery and it now features a vacuum waste management system that reduces food waste by 80%, the residue of which is sold for composting.

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The Winterhalter machines aim to minimise energy, water and chemical consumption. They include heat recovery pumps, sophisticated filter systems that minimise water use, and detergent and rinse aid saving devices. Winterhalter claims that a key ‘eco’ feature on the Winterhalters at Westfield is their Fresh Air Drying Zone which results in a significant reduction in the system’s connected load, cutting total operating costs by 33%.

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Warewashing in the food court at the Westfield Centre is centralised and has to cope with up to 9,000 plates and bowls a day, plus associated cups, glasses and cutlery. According to the Westfield centre, the existing warewashing system wasn’t coping and, with plans to expand throughput in the food court meaning it would have to handle 20% plus more volume, Westfield decided to upgrade the scullery.

Graham Bean, design director at Bunzl Lockhart, managed the project. “The brief focused on using innovative technology to deliver sustainability, better efficiency and cost savings,” he said. “A key criteria was improving the working environment for staff – plus, we had to work within the existing, compact warewash area footprint. For the warewashers, Winterhalter was the obvious choice.”

There are three Winterhalter machines at Westfield. Two are flight conveyor types, whereby crockery and trays to be washed are loaded straight onto the conveyor. The third is a rack conveyor, which uses racks to transport the glassware through the washer. All are Winterhalter MT (multi-tank) modular systems, which allow the specifier to adapt the design by using different modules – prewash, wash and so forth.

Facilities manager, Shaun Turnbull, said: “We have seen our operational efficiently flourish since the introduction of the new scullery. Our food court retailers have given positive feedback, not only on the speed of service but also the exceptional cleaning results achieved by the system.”