Linda Lewis paddles further into pizza-making accessories

Linda Lewis Kitchens can now provide Lilly Codroipo pizza paddles.

Italian catering equipment importer, Linda Lewis Kitchens has brought the Lilly Codroipo range of pizza-making accessories to the UK market.

Designed and hand-built in the Friuli region of Italy, the range covers pizza paddles, scrapers, cutters, oven brushes, spatulas and dough dockers, which can be purchased individually or as a complete kit.

The range is made from aluminium and stainless steel, finished off with ergonomic yellow handles, complete with holes through which to hang tools up and keep them tidy.

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Lilly pizza paddles come as a gold coloured peel, with a perforated sun pattern in aluminium alloy.

The paddles are sized between 33cm to 50cm, with a length of between 135cm and 170cm.

Alternatively, there is a black perforated oven peel, with raised columns that are designed to reduce friction by approximately 30% and make it easier to load and unload pizza using the paddle.

Using a perforated paddle is said to release excess flour from the base of the pizza and prevents it from burning.

Oven brushes are also available, with a half-moon shaped rotating brush that can get into the corners of the oven when sweeping out.

These come as either brush-only options, or brushes on stainless steel handles, 179cm in length.

Lilly also offers three special kits. The first, the Pizza Maker’s Kit is a 15-piece case, measuring 62cm x 40cm x 16cm, which includes a 33cm x 170cm aluminium solid paddle supplied in pieces, as well as cutter/scraper, knife and mincing knife (for deep pan pizza), stainless steel cutting wheel, spatula (in two sizes), long flex knife, dough docker, polythene rolling pine and stainless steel pan grips.

It also features a spin and bake appliance, with heart-shaped cut-outs.

The Electric Oven Kit is an eight-piece kit including aluminium solid paddle, spin and bake device, oven brush with long handle, dough cutter and scraper, 12cm spatula, spoon/ladle, pizza wheel/cutter and knife.

Lastly, the gold Sole Mio Kit comprises 10 pieces: the Sole Mio perforated paddle; heart-shape perforated spin and bake appliance; long-handled oven brush; dough cutter/scraper; 12cm spatula; spoon/ladle; pizza wheel/cutter; knife; stainless steel, four-hooked rack on which to hang equipment and pan grips.

A five-article set is also available, comprising pizza cutters, dough docker, scraper and spatula.

Linda Lewis Kitchens’ MD, Linda Lewis, said: “Anyone fancying a paddle this summer should look no further than Lilly.

“The range is top quality, thoughtfully designed and aesthetically striking. It is the only weapon a pizzaiolo needs to help capture customer attention and create added food theatre.”




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