Lincat has expanded on its FilterFlow range of on-board filtration automatic boilers with a twin temperature water boiler.

The EB3FX/TT is equipped with twin tanks that can be individually programmed to supply water at a set temperature between 70oC and 98oC.

It is designed to provide the flexibility required, for example, to offer green and white teas at 71oC, whilst at the same time delivering a constant supply of hot water at 98oC for black tea and coffee.

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Helen Applewhite, marketing manager of Lincat Ltd, said: “Green teas, fruit teas and herbal infusions are growing in popularity. Their refreshing taste and perceived health benefits appeal to people of all ages.

“Most, however, need water which is considerably cooler than the near boiling temperature we use for black tea, to preserve their delicate flavours. Our new, twin temperature FilterFlow water boiler provides the perfect solution.”

The EB3FX/TT is part of Lincat’s new generation of FilterFlow water boilers.

Designed to produce the highest quality filtered water, the new FilterFlow water boilers are easier to use, cheaper to run and simpler to maintain than their predecessors, the firm said.

Like other models in the range, the EB3FX/TT features colour touchscreen displays, longer life filters, improved diagnostics and innovative energy saving features.