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There have been many pizza ovens entering the market of late, but what makes each one stand out and what are the key features dealers should know about them? Catering Insight reviews the most recent additions by type.



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Alfa Pro Qubo

Supplier: Jestic Foodservice Equipment
Unique selling points: A compact footprint makes the oven suitable for small kitchens, while the stainless-steel exterior and Italian design also make the Qubo suited for front of house. Available in a choice of two sizes, 70cm and 90cm deep, the Qubo has a capacity of up to 80 pizzas per hour. It is one of the first ovens to feature Alfa Pro’s new CompactFlame technology, capable of reaching a temperature of 450°C in 30 minutes.
Dealers should know: The Qubo features patented Forninox technology, which combines the physical properties of wood cooking in a contemporary stainless-steel unit. The casing of the oven is designed to ensure the appropriate resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses due to the high temperatures reached.

Deck ovens

Blue Seal pizza ovens

Supplier: Blue Seal
Unique selling points: Blue Seal commercial pizza ovens are traditional Italian style, stone base deck models, suitable for cooking deep-base or thin based pizza. The electric ovens cook at high temperatures which are said to ensure fast service and great cooking results. The ovens accommodate 4 x 12” pizza per deck and are offered in single and twin deck formats which operate up to 400°C. The single deck can be stacked onto the twin deck, creating a triple deck.
Dealers should know: The ovens use accurate thermostatic temperature control, eco-compatible material for thermal insulation and refractory stones which are designed to provide good heat retention. Each chamber has top and bottom temperature control.

Blodgett 1048

Supplier: Middleby UK
Unique selling points: What makes this oven quite unique is that it has a large height clearance inside the oven for ease of peeling. It is a robust piece of machinery yet atheistically pleasing so can be used front of house. Although it uses traditional ways of cooking it is designed to be an efficient oven.
Dealers should know: Dealers should realise that as this has a large clearance, taller items other than pizza can be made in this oven and more importantly removed even if they are at the back of the cavity.

Cuppone Caravaggio range

Supplier: Linda Lewis Kitchens
Unique selling points: The new Caravaggio range has been created to meet the demand for a high-output electric oven with a smaller footprint.The Caravaggio is equipped with a digital control panel which gives the operator 100 different programme options including ‘Cleaning Mode’ and an ‘End of Cooking Buzzer’. The oven also features Cuppone’s heat regeneration system which ensures that, when the oven door is opened, the oven immediately circulates the heat back inside.
Dealers should know: This oven fits into a corner and is suitable for kitchens with a small footprint that need maximum capacity. The Caravaggio oven is available in both single and twin deck and in touch screen and control display.

Sirman Lipari

Supplier: Foodservice Equipment Marketing
Unique selling points: The Sirman Lipari electric pizza oven is said to be able to reproduce the true pizza taste in any kitchen set-up. It is constructed from stainless steel and has both an aluminium-plated cooking chamber and a stone baking deck. With separate thermostats for the baking deck and the cooking chamber, plus steam vents and a safety thermostat, the cooking climate should remain at the optimum temperature for pizzas. Meanwhile a panoramic glass door means that pizzas can be monitored without letting heat out.
Dealers should know: The Lipari is the most spacious of Sirman’s range, and is capable of cooking up to eight 12” pizzas simultaneously. It is said to deliver the taste of a traditionally baked pizza but with the convenience of an electric appliance.

OEM Supertop Vario 640L

Supplier: Certa Cooking Equipment
Unique selling points: The OEM Supertop Vario is an electric deck pizza oven featuring an extra-large sized deck (126cm x 83cm x 16cm). It is designed to bake up to four pizza trays of 60 x 40cm or up to 6 x 40 cm diameter pizzas. Thanks to its Optimus baking technology the oven reaches 450°C temperature and should give good baking performance.
Dealers should know: The Optimus air flow system incorporates an integrated hood in each baking chamber whilst adjustable, electric fume-extracting chimney and air release valves should optimise fume exit in each deck and help to keep the steel front panel at a temperature lower than 40°C. Both the bedplate and the three sides of the deck are covered with refractory stones for thermal inertia.

Zanolli Citizen

Supplier: Cater-Bake
Unique selling points: The Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven from Cater-Bake is heavy dutyand comes with a choice of two deck sizes: the Citizen 6+6 which holds six 13” pizzas and 6 12” pizza pans, as well as the Citizen 9+9 which holds nine 13” pizzas and nine 12” pizza pans on each deck. The ovens are built entirely from stainless steel and armour plated elements are powered up near to the door to compensate for heat loss and ensure even heat dispersion. The baking floor is also made from thick, heat absorbent, refractory stone which is suitable to bake with either pans or directly on the sole.
Dealers should know: The oven is designed to serve venues such as pizzerias and casual dining operations. Large amounts can be cooked at one time and its armoured plated elements and refractory stone baking floor should ensure energy efficiency.

Pantheon PO4

Supplier: Pantheon Catering Equipment
Unique selling points: The Pantheon PO4 is a single deck, electric powered oven with a refractory brick base which conducts high temperatures of up to 500°C. The low thermal conductivity of the brick base should also contribute towards energy efficiency. The glass viewing window allows the pizzas to be monitored closely without needing to open the door. The Pantheon PO4 is designed to be easy and safe to use, and is suitable for siting front of house.
Dealers should know: Pantheon’s pizza ovens are primarily targeted at the growing number of restaurants offering pizzas.. This market tends to require affordable, easy-to-use ovens that can be safely operated by different members of staff with reliable, consistent results. The ovens are designed to be easy to install and no special distributor training is required. They can be supplied ready for either 32A single phase or three phase electricity.


Italforni Tunnel Stone

Supplier: Euro Catering
Unique selling points: The Tunnel Stone oven from Italforni is a patented product, said to be unique as its cooking belt is made from stone slats. The oven is supplied with varying belt widths, to suit the products being cooked, and with an encoder for the operator to change the belt speed and temperature, in line with the length of cooking time required to achieve their desired bake. This oven is stackable and available in electric or gas versions. Whilst many of the conveyor ovens on the market can only produce pizza in pans or discs, the Tunnel Stone eliminates the need for these by cooking directly on the belt, increasing the degree of taste authenticity.
Dealers should know: The Italforni Tunnel Stone is suitable for any end user who wants high-volume, stone-baked pizza. Dealers wishing to sell the model can take advantage of Euro Catering’s ‘Culinary Centre’ and its viewing and training alternatives, as this can give them a head start and allow them to hit the ground running with service and pizza delivery from day one.


Valoriani Rotativo

Supplier: Valoriani UK
Unique selling points: The Rotativo is the first rotating oven produced by Tuscany-based manufacturer Valoriani. It is a wood/gas oven constructed using ‘cotto’ clay, which can only be found in the Valoriani family’s quarry in Reggello, Italy. The oven features the RHS patented heat system, not available to any other pizza oven manufacturer. The system works on the basis of heat recovery and circulates heat, at very high temperatures, under the baking floor of the oven. Short baking times of 70-90 seconds are possible with this oven and it is suitable for baking Neapolitan pizza, as well as other types. The oven will hold eight or nine larger (30/32cm) pizzas at a time.
Dealers should know: The Rotativo is said to be the oven for those eateries who are serious about serving the best quality pizza, who understand that a pizza oven needs to be constructed of high-quality materials and not concrete, and who want to save energy. Valoriani believes its ovens are built to stand the test of time.

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