Latest air purifier launch claims 99.9% virus destruction

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The new Osram AirZing UV-Compact air purifier is designed to aid the fight against coronavirus.

Light technology specialist Osram has launched a portable UV-C air purifier, which uses ultraviolet light to destroy viruses and bacteria with a claimed reliability of 99.9%.

The new AirZing UV-Compact is available in Standard and Pro versions to be used to clean air indoors.

The UV-C light sources are low-pressure discharge lamps. They are installed in devices so that no light is emitted into the environment. The UV-C light is shielded inside the housing, which allows air purifiers to be used safely in the presence of humans and animals.

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Ambient air is drawn into the device with the aid of a fan, bypassed by the UV-C light source and then released back into the room, cleaned of viruses and germs.

The two versions of AirZing UV Compact, in the size of a hairspray can, can be taken everywhere thanks to the USB rechargeable battery. The battery life is about 90 minutes.

In addition to the UV-C light source, the Pro version is equipped with a HEPA filter to protect against bigger particles such as pollen and dust.

Dr Wilhelm Nehring, CEO of the digital business unit at Osram said: “Osram has decades of experience in sterilisation and disinfection using UV-C light.

“This expertise from professional applications such as surface and air disinfection in hospitals or drinking water purification, we bring to two new variants of our AirZing UV-Compact product for everyone.”

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