IMC has unveiled its new IMCK400CC mini compactor, which is designed to facilitate recycling whilst retaining the convenience of a traditional trash compactor.

The compactor is the latest to IMC’s range of recycling compactors and is designed to be modern and stylish and to handle the disposal of all recyclable plastics, food packaging waste, drinks cans, food tins, paper, card and glass.

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It is optimised to encourage recycling by offering one-stop segregation of waste and it has what IMC has said is a ‘near silent’ 6000Nm linear motor to ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation.

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The K400CC’s compaction mechanisms allow storage of real world quantities of cans, tins, card, plastics and other packaging waste, whilst its ‘hypercrush’ compaction operation ensures permanent compression of plastics and card, IMC said.

IMC’s new compactor aims to be able to seamlessly incorporate into an undercounter solution and is designed with alternative combinations of functionality to address different municipal authority waste collection regimes.

Constructed with a stainless steel chassis for strength and durability it also includes a range of safety features including a key lock.