Lainox upgrades Naboo productivity

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The reloaded Lainox Naboo’s controls are designed to be simpler to use.

Lainox has launched an upgraded version of the Naboo combination oven that is designed to deliver increased productivity while maintaining quality and being simple to use. The Lainox range is supplied to the UK by Falcon Foodservice Equipment.

The ‘reloaded’ Naboo looks much the same on the outside but on the inside the software controls have been updated.

One key area is getting to the cooking mode – lots of chefs prefer to use their combi in one of its three ‘straight’ modes: convection, steaming and combination. All three can now be found on the control panel’s home page.

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The oven includes Naboo’s ‘multilevel’ and ‘just-in-time’ cooking features, which should make it easy to cook different products at the same time, by having the oven’s intelligent recognition identify which recipes can be cooked together. The software monitors each shelf individually, alerting the user when it’s time to put an item into the oven, and when it’s time to take it out.

The new model’s software can monitor two different recipes on each shelf, which is said to effectively double the different types of foods that can be cooked simultaneously.

As the oven is internet-connected, users can access the Lainox Cloud to manage their oven’s operation and recipes. Changes can be made on a central computer and then synchronised to an oven, or multiple ovens across multiple sites, simultaneously.

When connected to the cloud, the oven should automatically synchronise at regular intervals, ensuring any changes the user has made to the oven are saved. The connectivity also gives users access to thousands of recipe ideas and tips, direct from the oven’s control panel.

The new Naboo is available through Falcon dealers with list prices starting from £9,491 for the standard seven-grid electric model (NAEB071R).

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