Trainees of combi oven manufacturer Küppersbusch took annual leave to take part in a day of charity work as part of its Social Day initiative, aimed at changing perspectives.

In total, 35 trainees carried out 6 hours of charitable work in 12 municipal institutions in the German city of Gelsenkirchen on September 13. The project was part of an incentive for industry acceptance led by the Chamber of Commerce of North-Rhine-Westphalia and the honorary body of the Industry Committee.

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Küppersbusch staff left usual work to carry out activities like painting furniture and fences in a municipal day-care centre for children.

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Managing director, Marc-Oliver Schneider, said: “This will not change the world, but it is indeed a good beginning.”

Ruth Werner, from the company’s human resources department, who accompanied the trainees during the Social Day, added: “Staff members who are able to look outside their own box are important. In fact our trainees of today are tomorrow’s future.”