Cooking equipment manufacturer Küppersbusch has modified all its appliances to make them compatible with Sicotronic’s energy optimisation systems.

Marc-Oliver Schneider, Küppersbusch’s director, explained: “Innovation does not always mean that new devices have to be developed.

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“Sometimes it is a better idea to continue the development within the existing product range with the aim that the end consumer obtains a truly added benefit.”

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Sicotronic’s director Norbert Wittke added: “All electro-thermal devices in a canteen offer an energy saving capacity associated with a considerable savings potential.

“Depending on the application, the electric power peaks can be reduced by 20 to 50%. This allows between 5 and 25% of the total electricity costs to be saved.”

The systems have already been trialled at delicatessen company Feinkost Käfer’s production kitchen in Parsdorf near Munich.

For this installation, Küppersbusch delivered a total of 28 devices including from the PremiumLine 850 ranges and CombiLine 750 modular series and ConvectAir hot air steamers.

All appliances were Sicotronic-compatible; therefore an energy optimisation system was installed.

After 1 year of operation, intensive evaluations were carried out. In the first year, the combination of Küppersbusch and Sicotronic allowed Käfer to save up to €2,000 per month from its power bill.