Kitchen ventilation specialist Swiftclean counts savings from fleet investment


Kitchen ventilation hygiene specialist Swiftclean has seen a notable reduction in fuel bills, on-road accidents and vehicle damage following the installation of Lightfoot’s in-cab driver guidance system across its fleet of 34 vehicles. 

Recording an MPG uplift of 6.1%, record savings in fuel expenses of circa 10% and a dramatic fall in insurance premiums of 20%, the Southend-on-Sea-based business has seen a dramatic change in the way its fleet of vehicles are driven, thanks to Lightfoot’s pocket-sized dashboard driver guidance device and rewards platform.

Transforming driving styles by providing live-in cab coaching through audible and visual cues, referred to as ‘nudge psychology’, Lightfoot’s dashboard device uses live engine data and real-time analytics to alert drivers to instances of harsh driving. This includes sudden acceleration, braking or harsh cornering.

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Lightfoot’s ability to shrink a fleet’s carbon footprint at the same time as slashing harmful NOx particulates and CO2 emissions was a major influence in Swiftclean’s decision to install Lightfoot across its fleet.

The family-run business, which provides services such as duct cleaning, legionella risk assessments and water tank cleaning for various sectors, has company values firmly rooted in a resilient environmental policy which serves to keep the communities in which they work safe and healthy.

Accredited as an ISO14001 company, Swiftclean wanted an effective fleet solution that would help minimise consumption of natural resources, waste and pollution.

Gary Nicholls, managing director of Swiftclean, said: “I am a real advocate of Lightfoot. The system does exactly what it says on the tin, cutting accidents, wear and tear costs, and reducing our idling time by 3%.

“Since we first had the devices installed all our drivers’ scores have improved significantly. So far, we’ve seen a 92% reduction in driving penalties, which correlates almost exactly with percentage falls in sudden braking, harsh cornering and aggressive acceleration.

“But that’s just the start of the benefits. By becoming more mindful, our team are safer on the roads, resulting in fewer accidents and reduced claims. Instances of dangerous driving have fallen by 80% too. That’s led to a 20% saving on our fleet insurance renewal this year. That, on top of our fuel savings (which we estimate to be around 10%), makes Lightfoot a no-brainer as an investment. The system wholeheartedly delivers what it promises. It’s a fabulous product.”

Nicholls added: “One of the most exciting features for us is the rewards platform. That gives our drivers a tangible reason to be better and to utilise the in-cab feedback to the full, keeping our staff safe and their vans in the sweet spot of their engine.

“With Lightfoot’s in-cab technology and the app, our drivers have the opportunity to be personally and routinely rewarded for carrying out their daily duties. That really resonates with our team and has helped to reinforce a strong sense of community within the company, as well as healthy competition between colleagues. That in turn has enhanced staff wellbeing at the same time as slashing fuel costs and greenhouse emissions, a core aspect of our company values.”

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