Kingspan flies in to solve airport FOG issue

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Kingspan replaced the grease management system at Dublin airport.

Grease management equipment company Kingspan has helped Dublin Airport with fats, oils and grease (FOG) issues the international hub was experiencing.

The previous grease management system supported the airport’s many eateries, preventing FOG waste created in food preparation and cooking from entering and clogging the main drainage system.

However, the solution in place at the time was an industrial-scale grease removal unit, in effect a series of units, but it was reportedly expensive to maintain and difficult to clean.

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The annual cost of all the maintenance and manual checks, including spare parts, labour charges, water bills and electricity, was estimated at more than €15,000.

Kingspan’s service team was invited to visit the site to audit the existing arrangements and to offer its recommendations. Following a detailed review, the team advised replacing the existing system with Kingspan Smart Serv Grease units.

Said to be an intelligent grease management system, Smart Serv is designed to be efficient at capturing FOG before it passes into the drains, claimed to be capable of capturing 95% of all commercial kitchen grease waste.

Kingspan believes the unit also requires little maintenance; the system’s construction includes no moving parts and should gives ease of access for simple cleaning. Sensors within the traps send early alerts to staff when they are close to full, to prevent overflow of grease waste from the units. And as it’s a sealed unit, smells should be prevented from escaping.

Installation of the system is said to be quick and straightforward, and it can be linked to both building management systems and alarms.

Since the Smart Serv Grease was put in, the reduction in maintenance and saving in labour costs, plus other the savings, is estimated to have delivered an annual cost reduction to the Dublin Airport team of more than €12,500.

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