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Nordic kitchen ventilation company Jeven is relishing going toe-to-toe with its rivals in the energy efficiency stakes following the recent launch of its first UK sales office.

The Finnish manufacturer, which has been producing kitchen canopies since 1989, is adamant that the TurboSwing canopy it is bringing to the UK won’t be beaten on energy efficiency.

Director, Richard White, said there were three reasons why the firm remains so confident of its claims: heat recovery, variable airflows and low pressure drop.

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He said independent VDI-2052 tests confirm that the filtering technology in TurboSwing canopies delivers highly efficient heat recovery due to the cleanliness of exhaust air, while the gains it has made in variable airflow could also not be ignored.

“With the common filters found in the UK, it is not possible to have variable airflows efficiently. When the kitchen is not busy and the extraction system does not need to be on full power, you would ideally want to reduce the airflow dramatically. But with the common canopies found in the UK, this is not possible.

“Common filters need the air to hit them with a certain minimum speed, or otherwise the filter does not perform, and the ducts get dirty. With TurboSwing canopies, the filtering efficiency does not depend on the airflow, therefore making efficient variable airflows – and huge energy savings – possible.”

In terms of the low pressure drop, White said that the average filter found in UK kitchens has a “very high” pressure drop in the range 100-400 Pa, whereas Jeven canopies have a pressure drop in the region of 50 Pa, making it possible for the extractor fan to use a lot less energy.

He added that the energy used by extractor fans is calculated as a multiplication of two factors: the airflow times by the pressure drop. “By using TurboSwing canopies, it is possible to greatly reduce both the airflow and the pressure drop. Therefore the power used by the extractor fan is a small fraction of what it would be with a standard canopy.”

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