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The Henny Penny Smarthold Hot Holding Cabinets can deliver precision conditions for holding fried chicken.

Hot holding technology has been around for many years; however innovation in humidity and precision temperature control has seen this technology develop across a host of different markets and industry sectors.

For Jestic Foodservice Equipment, this is an essential part of its portfolio, as national sales manager Richard Norman detailed: “At Jestic, we’re proud to represent two of the industry’s leading hot holding equipment brands, Winston and Henny Penny, backing the distribution of both with expert service and support from Jestic Technical Services and our culinary team. Both offer a range of equipment that work to maintain extremely precise temperature and humidity conditions in order to preserve the quality of the food items held within.”

Winston’s CVap is a market leader in hot holding technology and is suitable for holding multiple foods at once in precise temperature and humidity conditions.

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Using patented Controlled Vapour Technology, Winston CVap is designed to offer high levels of versatility and durability, while also helping to increase yield and speed up service times. The technology works by allowing the operator to control moisture by producing a vapour-laden environment that completely surrounds the food with the exact amount of moisture needed. Achieved by the addition of a water evaporator to control humidity and a heater to control temperature, CVap technology prevents even the most delicate of ingredients from drying out or overcooking, meaning they can be held until ready to be served.

Hot holding technology is not just limited to the fine dining market; in fact it is a key tool in QSR and fast food establishments too. As Norman explains: “Take Henny Penny’s Smarthold Hot Holding Cabinets with their ability to deliver precision conditions for holding fried chicken and similar menu items. With humidity being key to effective hot holding, the Smarthold cabinets work by controlling the amount of vapour to deliver exacting conditions inside the chamber. Accurate controls and digital displays allow the operator to maintain a humidity level of between 10% – 90% depending on the requirement of the food being held.”

As with all the other brands and products in the equipment portfolio, Jestic is committed to delivering the best products and supporting dealers, distributors, and operators with ongoing support and education.

According to Norman: “When it comes to hot holding appliances, we regularly run demonstration sessions at our development kitchen. Allowing dealers to get a thorough understanding of how the technology works, our culinary team will offer both theoretical and practical, hands-on sessions with the hot holding range. This gives dealers a suitable level of knowledge when it comes to specifying and recommending a particular appliance for a project.

“Upon specification, our sales team will work directly with the dealer, consultant, or end user to ensure the right equipment is put forward, the necessary access to utilities is factored in, and the kitchen flow is considered.

“In certain circumstances we are able to loan equipment to a site to allow a chef to understand how hot holding technology can benefit their kitchen. This is especially important with hot holding technology as its benefits are less well known than some of our other brands.”

Looking ahead, he predicted: “As for the future of this pioneering technology – innovations in hot holding equipment are likely to lead to even more precise controls, delivering highly accurate temperature, and humidity settings. The aim would be to deliver even better food that can be held for even longer until required.”

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