Italian warewasher firm’s new series sanitises in 2 minutes

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Chef Andrea Berton has endorsed Silanos’ new Secura warewasher series.

Italian warewasher manufacturer Silanos has introduced Secura A060, a new line of washers that thermally disinfects and sanitises in 120 seconds, claimed to be the shortest cycle on the market.

Secura is part of Silanos’ effort to respond to new market needs and offer an additional tool to foster well-being, safety and consideration for the end user.

CEO Marco Silanos said: “When we launched the Secura project, we were in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis. We wanted to focus attention on those who, over our 56-year history, had contributed to making our company great – the restaurant industry that was so hard-hit by the situation. And that’s why we developed the Secura system, which thermally disinfects equipment to guarantee a clean, sanitized product and an absolutely safe service.

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“It was important to make sure that restauranteurs could transmit a positive message to customers about attentiveness and carefulness. We wanted to give our colleagues the right tool to ensure that time spent in restaurants could be spent in total serenity. That’s how Secura and the whole Secura project were born.”

The Secura is designed to offer 90% bacterial count disinfection level reduction after washing as indicated in regulation EN15883, with a washing system in line with German regulation DIN 10512.

Washing at 65°C and rinsing at 85°C is constant for up to 30 seconds, while five wash programs are configured for washing and disinfection.

In compliance with HACCP principles the series can record numbers of daily and total cycles run.

High temperatures should enable thermal disinfection in the shortest time possible to deliver sanitisation.

Among the chefs who have embraced Secura system is Andrea Berton, brand ambassador, who said: “At this particular moment in history, we who work in restaurants and catering have to build trust and reassure people. The safety aspect is front and centre, and my decision to choose Silanos comes out of this need, to create a comfortable environment where the safety aspect is the priority.”

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