Gloucester-based ISD Solutions, which has been manufacturing insulated panels and doors for coldroom storage solutions for 70 years, is beefing up its manufacturing capability with a £300,000 investment to reduce outsourcing and improve total company efficiency.

Investment in machinery and more personnel means that ISD will no longer need to import modular coldrooms from Europe, but instead will champion UK expertise and design and build these in Gloucester.

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The company believes improvements in manufacturing quality will also lead to greater thermal accuracy and more competitive pricing.

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The Gloucester Growth Hub, as part of its support to local businesses, has approved up to £35,000 assistance for this project which will go towards funding a new CNC punching machine, two new CNC folders for the metal shop and a roll former, delivered and installed in June.

As part of the investment, ISD will create six new jobs in manufacturing, with at least one apprentice, in the next 3 years as the manufacturing side of the business expands to design and build more parts internally.

The manufacturing division, under the new leadership of Paul Sauntson, will adopt one-piece flow methodology instead of batch production, said to make the division more responsive to customers and other ISD division requirements.

ISD will make more bespoke PUR (Polyurethane) panelling, designed to minimise waste and speeding up the delivery process.

Sauntson expects better productivity, improved quality and accuracy from the changes he is making.

Andy Moon, CEO of the P&M Group, ISD Solutions’ parent company said: “With new capabilities in the design department under Paul Chivers and innovative thinking by Paul Saunston in the manufacturing division we are confident that we can integrate design and manufacturing, make changes to fabrication to result in manufacturing more doors and all trims and flashings in-house.

“Our new combined expertise will allow us to adapt to last minute changes in cold store panelling, fabricate material in more intricate shapes and reduce waste to deliver improved customer service.

“We expect to have a return on this investment within 2 years.”