Inventor offers global licence agreement for castor wheel cover

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A rendering of the castor wheel cover idea. Credit: Silicone Hygiene.

A UK inventor is looking for partners to bring his castor wheel cover to market, with one of the beneficiary sectors being catering.

Nick Davis of Winchester-based Silicone Hygiene is offering an exclusive global licence agreement to manufacture, distribute, market and sell the cover.

The cover is designed to prevent contamination of castor wheels. Made of a single piece of moulded silicone rubber, it should fit over any wheel with a sealing mechanism like a clamshell, allowing full functionality of the wheel in both axis and the brake to be applied or released with the cover in place.

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The top aperture has a reducing cross section to prevent it catching on the equipment when being moved and to allow end users to customise it. The exterior surface that covers the brake pedal is moulded with a pattern for grip.

Dishwasher and autoclave safe, the cover could be offered in four colours and clear: white for cleanroom applications, ISO FF7900 (orange) for safety, metallic silver to mimic stainless steel for aesthetic considerations and grey to match industry standard flooring colours. Custom colour matching and logo embossing will be offered as an option.

Davis commented: “This invention is a world first. It is such a simple idea, as the best ones often are, that solves a need for any organisation that utilises castor mounted units in hygiene and cleanroom areas. 

“I was very surprised when the patent search came back confirming that I am the first person on the planet to patent this idea. I own the UK patent and have multiple patent protections in other overseas jurisdictions including the EU, USA, China, South Korea and Japan.

He added: “The cover is now a completed project designed for a cost-effective manufacturing process with a marketing programme, with a motivated sales force and a resilient client base.

“Given potential licensees’ current business profile the only capital investment would be the tooling costs and the cover is designed for a one step fully automated manufacturing process to save on those costs.

“An independent review of the markets forecast sales of 94bn+ units worldwide.”

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  1. You think everything has been invented then Nick develops this fantastic product. I ma sure the likes of Tente & Blickle will be interested

  2. I have worked in 4 different kitchens as a chef for the past 15 years, ranging from restaurants, pubs and the Ministry of defence army camps, serving food for the highest ranking officers on the local army camp. And I have to say I think this is a brilliant idea, as the wheels are such a pain to maintain and keep clean, with the whole getting down your knees with a Brillo pad and a cloth, on a hard floor as it is in every kitchen hurting your knees. It is very time consuming and they always end up not looking great or clean at all after a certain amount of time anyway. This silicone rubber idea seems to me that it would save alot of time and also would be so much more hygienic as could be done nightly through the dish washer. instead of weekly or monthly scrubbing them down as is the case in every kitchen I have ever been in or worked in. I can’t believe no one has come up with this already, it is a fantastic idea.

  3. Having experience of over 30 years of catering experience and working for various hotel chains kitchens, and pub chains I have come across this issue many times with catering equipment wheels building up dirt and grease and clogging up wheels over a period of time, then we would have a deep cleansing twice a month where we would hire a pressure hose, and close the kitchen down on a Monday and spend the whole day scrubbing everything deep cleansing everything from walk in freezers to the store cupboard, fryers, even the dishwasher, but when it came to the wheels attached to various equipment they were the hardest to clean and not so easy accessible to do so, a item like this would be gratefully received in all establishments which be cost effective in less cleaning time not having to close down a kitchen for a day for a deep clean less mess on clogged up greasy mucky wheels a better hygienic way of cleaning and keeping bacterial levels down on all flooring, and also it would be a great asset to hospitals catering kitchen equipment in keeping down bacterial levels in there kitchens

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