Interlevin rebrands in line with parent company

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Interlevin Tefcold UK has rebranded to Tefcold (UK) in line with its Danish parent company (headquarters pictured).

Refrigerator supplier Interlevin Tefcold has now become Tefcold (UK) in line with its Danish parent company.

The legal name of the company is still registered as Interlevin Refrigeration in the UK, but it will now be trading as Tefcold (UK).

Furthermore, the Interlevin brand itself will continue to be sold in the UK.

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The company stated on its website: “As Tefcold grows and expands throughout the UK, Europe and internationally we wish to present our customers with a consistent brand to associate with. It has been 4 years since Interlevin was acquired by Tefcold A/S and this is the final stage of becoming part of the group.

“Our product offering will evolve over time but we will still be partnering with our normal suppliers such as ISA, Framec, Arcaboa, Frilixa, Elcold, Elstar, Trimco, Staycold etc.”

The new Tefcold UK website can still be accessed through the previous Interlevin address, and while the firm’s team emails will also be changing, they can still be reached through their old email addresses.

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