i-Line Counters has project managed a warewashing upgrade at the five star Landmark London Hotel, where it installed Winterhalter machines, hygienic floor and wall coverings and ventilation.

The hotel processes an average of 374,000 yearly covers and the management found the current system to be too small for its needs.

Ben Johnson, of i-Line Counters, said: “The Landmark London had considered a variety of different warewasher manufacturers. Mr Klaner [executive chef] approached us for advice, wanting an independent view on the best machine for the project. We felt that Winterhalter was the obvious choice since they are market leader in volume warewashing systems.”

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The Winterhalter systems are two multi-tank flight-type conveyors and a key issue with the site was accessibility. Johnson said: “We had to bring everything in using a goods lift that was 2 metres square but the Winterhalter systems are 5 metres long. It turned out not to be an issue. The factory designed special joints that meant the machines could be brought into the hotel in pieces and assembled on site.”

Working in partnership with i-Line, Winterhalter provided the hotel with a full warewashing proposal and design. Mr Klaner, the hotel’s executive chef, said: “They understood our needs and designed a system that catered for the hotel. Both Winterhalter and i-Line oversaw the whole installation process, too.”

He added: “Rather than replace like-for-like and have the same difficulties, I wanted to future-proof our whole kitchen area for the next twenty years. It was all about doing the job properly.”

Both machines have the same configurations – large prewash and wash zones, followed by medium rinse and dryer zones. One of the machines can be switched between glasswashing and dishwashing, the other is for dishwashing only. Both have Winterhalter reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems, which claim to guarantee that glasses and cutlery require no post-wash polishing.

As well as choosing the two machines, Mr Klaner and his team also opted for Winterhalter’s servicing contract.

“We’re using Winterhalter for everything and we’re very impressed with the results,” says Mr Klaner. “Our department is even more efficient now because of the time and labour the new machines are saving us. We are able to re-invest the saving back into the business and drive standards of cleanliness in other areas.”