The list of catering equipment suppliers which have had to increase their prices recently has been joined by Hubbard Systems, the UK importer of Scotsman ice machines.

With exchange rates between Sterling and both Dollars and the Euro taking a battering following the EU referendum, many manufacturers have had no choice but to raise their prices.

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Catering Insight understands that other firms will soon announce similar measures.

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Hubbard has become one of the latest to do so, with commercial director Simon Aspin commenting: “In recent months we have tried very hard to avoid a price increase on Scotsman ice machines, but the ‘post Brexit’ exchange rate has forced our hand.

“Effectively, it has meant that the prices we pay have gone up by 13% or more.

“As we informed our dealers a while ago, the new prices will come into force as of 17 October 2016. As far as possible we have kept the increases to a minimum.

“For example, our most popular range of icemakers with integral bins, the AC machines, will rise by 4%. Most other prices will rise from between 5% and 8%.”

Hubbard will also be replacing its top selling Scotsman modular machines, the MV range, with a new series, the NW range.

Aspin added: “Thanks to a radical redesign and changes in manufacturing, NW models will cost the same as the current equivalent MV units – so there is effectively no price increase.

“NW icemakers have been tested extensively in markets around the world and have proved to be super-reliable.”

He concluded: “As our dealers will know, we have not increased prices for several years and, where possible, have improved our discount structure.

“Despite the price increase, Scotsman machines continue to deliver the best value on the market in terms of quality build, reliability and customer support.”