Hounö invites dealers to experience its combis

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Hounö’s chefs demonstrating its combi ovens’ abilities.

Danish combi oven manufacturer Hounö is offering dealers and operators the chance to gain first-hand experience of its product range.

Hounö development chef, Edwin Adkins, explained the thinking behind the initiative: “The combi oven is the workhorse of most kitchens and, as such, the make and model specified is one of the most important purchasing decisions for culinary operators. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, so why invest in a combi oven without experiencing its features and performance characteristics?”

The manufacturer is providing personal cooking demonstrations on its combi ovens at its dedicated 120metre2 showroom and demonstration kitchen, which is located at the head office of its parent company, Middleby UK, in Wigan.

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The demonstration kitchen is fitted out with a representative selection of Hounö’s combi ovens, which includes seven sizes of Visual Cooking ovens (1/1 GN and 2/1 GN) as well as three sizes of its compact CombiSlim ovens (2/3 GN and 1/1 GN).

In addition to providing partners and customers with the opportunity to ‘test drive’ the ovens, the consultations also allow Hounö personnel to provide best advice on the most appropriate models and sizes for operators’ specific applications.

The demonstration kitchen is also used for menu development, providing an environment in which the manufacturer’s chefs can work with customers to help them expand their range of freshly cooked food.

Hounö also holds regular training courses within the demonstration kitchen. These programmes ensure that operators are familiar with all product features.

The showroom has been designed in keeping with the brand’s mission statement of ‘Let’s bring people to the table’, offering the capacity for 24 diners. The facility is used as a venue for lunches, dinners, special events and lectures.

Adkins added: “The fact that our facility is co-located with our parent company’s showroom means that visitors can kill two birds with one stone; viewing the Hounö range of combi ovens, as well as the extensive range of market leading equipment brands offered by Middleby UK.”

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