Host 2021 to look at pastry technology

Host will showcase pastry technology at its 2021 edition.

The art of pastry will take centre stage at the next edition of Host.

The trade show, which will take place at Fieramilano, Italy on 22-26 October, will feature a strong focus on increasingly advanced professional machines with developments such as particular methods of steel processing, new polishing methods and computerised applications.

Well known pastry chef Iginio Massari, who will be speaking at the trade show, believes: “In the last year, Italian companies have gained a huge advantage over their competitors in terms of technology. Investments in research and development have been made, and there has indeed been no shortage of time to stop and think.

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“The result is professional machines, processes and applications that have enabled Italian firms to leap 30 years ahead of others.”

Massari said that at the exhibition: “We will be asking questions about principles and trends, comparing notes with leading pastry chefs in Italy and abroad who will be there alongside me once again. At this moment, it is necessary to shed light on and tell the whole world about new ideas in pastry making, on the research being done and on the sector’s new frontiers.”

Using a new generation of machines, it is possible to create a lighter product with a more pronounced flavour, but without adding any extra calories. “It is about the use of a new preparation that increases the volume of the product without altering the quality of the ingredients,” he said.

The Host Observatory research arm of the event has reported that when it comes to staying competitive, product quality and the ability to diversify a product range will matter more in 2021 than in the past. The report said: “This trend translates into a demand for machinery that respects and enhances the ingredients, considering the way in which the pandemic has accelerated the demand for products suitable for delivery, also in the gelato and pastry sector.”

So, the aim for large and small companies of the sector will be to innovate, concentrating on preparing products in advance and reducing waste to a minimum. The trade show feels that informed innovation means not just choosing professional machinery that is energy efficient, but also providing smart solutions – from the preparation to the packaging stages – able to serve fresh food that is of high quality and is supplied to customers when they need it, however it is going to be consumed.

From tableware to professional machinery, companies have their sights firmly set on green products and a more personalised service. In tableware, the attention will focus on products that combine aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency, in a way that brings to the mise en place a touch of style, creativity and customisation possibilities.

Host says that new trends will include innovative formats reminiscent of terracotta to recall a more rustic style, but with the characteristics of porcelain.

The exhibition also believes personalisation is also an important element for the new professional machine developments, that will be realised with increasing attention to health, the environment and craftsmanship. For instance, the latest generation are mixers are driven by high efficiency moto-inverters. This technology is also adopted on countertop machines where universal motors were usually used, being cheaper but also generally noisier and less efficient.

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