Hoshizaki reveals first CO2 refrigerant appliances

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Hoshizaki’s Gram CO2 cabinets are said to utilise zero ozone depletion potential refrigerants.

Hoshizaki has developed its fifth generation of Gram refrigerators, which utilise CO2 – a natural refrigerant which is said to have zero ozone depletion potential and a positive environmental impact.

Stuart Kayes, technical manager for Hoshizaki UK and Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), explained: “CO2 (R744) is a climate-friendly natural refrigerant that plays an important role in many natural and industrial processes. In fact, CO2 is so sustainable that it has a global warming potential of up to 4,000 times lower than HFCs such as R404a – an environmentally damaging refrigerant which has now been banned from use in new commercial equipment models.

“By integrating CO2 into Gram’s award-winning refrigeration line-up, Hoshizaki is now able to offer a range of refrigerators that boast a positive environmental impact.”

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Simon Frost, director of Hoshizaki UK and Ireland, commented: “The launch of our Gram CO2 cabinets truly marks the next step in sustainable refrigeration developments. It gives our customers a viable alternative to HFC models and ensures they are perfectly placed to be compliant with the latest EU F Gas Regulations.”

The launch of Hoshizaki’s new CO2 range also aims to educate the industry about long-ingrained, often negative conceptions about CO2, as Stuart Kayes reflected: “Hoshizaki is fully aware that many operators will have reservations when it comes to CO2 refrigerants, hence why we anticipate that many will question: how can CO2 refrigerants be climate friendly when we’ve been told for so long that CO2 emissions contribute to global warming?

“Well, the first step to answering this question comes through clarifying that Global Warming Potential (GWP) is a relative measure of heat-trapping impact. For example: Greenpeace states that the commonly used HFC R134a has a 20-year GWP of 3,830; thus one kilogram of R134a is as harmful to the environment as 3,830kg of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) over 20 years.

“Thus, when you do the maths and breakdown the facts, it’s clear to see that CO2 is the superior, more sustainable option.”

Said to offering thermophysical and heat transfer properties, CO2 is also claimed to be one of the most practical and safest refrigerants available to the industry.

Suitable for connection to a remotely selected and installed CO2 system, all of the cabinets within Hoshizaki’s CO2 range are designed to be ‘plug in and play’ and therefore easy to install.

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