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Based within the town that is home to British aviation, Farnborough College of Technology is a hub of vocational education, offering first class courses to students of all ages within a warm and welcoming environment.

With access to outstanding facillities and lecturers, the students of Farnborough College well and truly have all the resources that they need to achieve at this historic college; particularly within the prestigious Catering and Hospitality division which offers a course for every aspiring culinary whizz as Sean Patterson, Chef Lecturer at Farnborough of Technology, enthuses: “At Farnborough College of Technology, we offer a wide range of catering courses: from Commi Chef apprenticeships and Level 1 courses, right through to Level 3 Kitchen, Restaurant and Patisserie courses, students of all ages and abilities can find the right catering course for them.”

With such a wide variety of courses and a total of 90 students studying a Catering course this year, Farnborough College of Technology not only rely on the expert skills and professionalism of their lecturers in order to help students excel, but durable, versatile and superior catering equipment for the students to use during practical sessions as Sean goes on to explain: “The standard of catering equipment used is very important to Farnborough College of Technology. Our aim is to use modern, on-trend equipment wherever possible as this will allow our students to become familiar with the equipment and brands that they are likely to use when they leave college and go into the catering industry.”

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However, it wasn’t until Farnborough College of Technology recently added Hoshizaki, the leading manufacturer of high-quality refrigerators, to their line up of commerical catering equipment that both the students and lecturers realised just how important it is to use a superior refrigerator such as the Snowflake GII.

“The Snowflake GII has improved our resources at Farnborough College of Technology by providing the students with an additional refrigerator which the students are using to store a high volume of dairy ingredients despite its exceptionally small footprint. This small footprint also allows us to better utilise kitchen space.”

Engineered to perform in even the most demanding of kitchen environments, the Snowflake GII allows the catering students at Farnborough College of Technology to keep their produce cool even when at full capacity. This is thanks to the Snowflake GII’s innovative Tropicalised Cooling System which can endure room temperatures of up to +40°C.

Also incredibily sustainable, the award-winning Snowflake GII combines the very latest technology with environmentally friendly, HFC-free materials, thus helping Farnborough College to suceed on their mission to be greener: “Going green is very important to Farnborough College of Technology. In fact, we are currently going through a green phase which has led us to cut down on our use of single-use plastics and switch to more sustainable pieces of equipment such as the Snowflake GII, which uses natural refrigerants and consumes less energy.”

From a practical point of view, the Snowflake GII equally excels as Sean goes on to explain: “In a busy catering environment, such as ours, where a high volume of catering students and staff will be coming through the kitchen daily, its imperative that the equipment is safe and easy to operate.

“The Snowflake GII once again excels from this front thanks to safety-led features such as its convinient locking door which allows us to keep our ingredients secure during kitchen shut down.

“We’ve also found the internal LED light very useful as it provides the students with a clear view of the contents of the fridge and also highlights if the refrigerator door has been left ajar.”

Also designed with hygiene in mind, the Snowflake GII is exceptionally easy to clean –  a task which falls on the hands of the catering students as Sean outlines: “Our students are responsible for cleaning each piece of equipment at the end of every service. As you can imagine, the majority of students don’t necessarily look forward to this task, however, with the sleek, hygiene-led Snowflake GII, our students now need not spend lengthy amounts of time cleaning the refrigerator.”

Also encouraging a calmer kitchen environment, the Snowflake GII is remarkably quiet as Level 2 Food and Beverage Student Jay explains: “Most commercial refrigerators are very noisy and add to the stress of the commercial kitchen enviornment. However, with the excpetionally quiet Snowflake GII, I am able to concentrate better and keep calm, particularly during practical sessions.”

So impressed is Jay with the Snowflake GII that his outlook on the equipment that he would like to use after college has been shaped: “I now know exactly what equipment that I want to use when I venture into the wider culinary world, and that equipment is Hoshizaki.”

Jay’s coursemate Taylor shares in the enthusiam for the brand: “I would love to use Hoshizaki equipment in the future as I know how to use their units, plus they are efficient too!”

With its endless list of superior qualities, its no wonder that both the students and lecturers of Farnborough College of Technology have put the Snowflake GII on a pedestal as summarised by Sean Patterson: “I would absolutley recommend the Snowflake GII and Hoshizaki to other catering colleges due its many great features and benefits.”

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