Hendi turns up the heat with gel cans

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Hendi’s chafing dish fuel cans remove the need for a wick.

Hendi UK has introduced chafing dish fuel cans which contain a gel that is designed to provide a safe and efficient way to keep food warm during a buffet or function.

The burning gel is made of natural (bio) ethanol alcohol, mixed with water and a thickening agent. The contents of the can have been manufactured to taste bitter so that it is impossible to swallow.

Without the need for a wick, the gel fuel is suitable for deep chafing dishes, and can be re-used until the can is empty.

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Hendi’s gel can holds 200g, and comes in packs of 24 or 72. The company also supplies a chafing dish fuel holder which offers the user some control over the heat output by enabling them to adjust the size of the gel can opening and therefore the flame. The holder is supplied in packs of two.

Gel fuel refills are available in 1-litre bottles, 4kg buckets, and 5-litre jerry cans that can be used with an optional fuel dispenser pump top.

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