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WaterCare opened its own Recycling Centre earlier this year.

WaterCare is so committed to reducing the amount of plastic in the water filter market, that not only did it create a range of 100% recyclable and reusable water filter products but it has also invested in its own plastic recycling plant.

We are all acutely aware that a reduction in plastic waste is needed and with WaterCare recycling, the company is here to do its bit.

Opened at the start of the year, its Recycle Centre, housed at its head office in Harlow, Essex, continues to go from strength to strength, taking in more filters each week, recycling the spent cartridges and repurposing the plastics for future production.

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The facility accepts all types of plastic and recycles into pellets for future manufacture of its own products. This now allows it to provide a truly controlled, managed and sustainable solution and offer products that are all repeat-use, 100% recycled and deliver a reduced environmental impact in production, use and consumption.

This doesn’t just apply to its own products. It offers a full recycle programme to take in all types of expired, single use competitor products for recycling as well, providing additional assurance it is doing all it can to help the industry to reduce plastic waste and improve its sustainability.

Regenerate, recycle and reuse applies to all of the water filters it manufactures. Once expired and returned, the Ion Exchange resin within its CTU Water Filters is regenerated and the vessels, heads and connectors are refurbished or replaced. Parts not refurbished are recycled on-site for use in future manufacturing of its own products and new parts.

The Regenerated CTU will then re-enter the marketplace, as new, to treat water and protect equipment with no waste; a genuine, fully reusable and sustainable product for an environmentally cleaner future.

In addition to the sustainable credentials of the CTU, its iX Water Filter range contains replaceable media inserts whilst the outer housing stays connected to equipment. By only replacing the media insert, the filter stays on site, extracting maximum value and use from the plastic housing. Meanwhile, the insert is returned, recycled and the resin regenerated to produce a 100% recyclable product. The iX filter is moulded on site using recycled plastic from WaterCare’s own recycling centre. Not only does this allow it to have full control of the impact the company has on the environment but it also provides it with better quality control.

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