Heaton and Pantheon have a wild time at London Zoo

London Zoos Lauren Palmer getting ready to feed the lions with her Pantheon Band Saw crop
London Zoo’s Lauren Palmer getting ready to feed the lions with the Pantheon band saw.

Newcastle-based dealer Heaton Catering Equipment has helped to make feeding time for the lions and tigers at London Zoo a simpler process.

The distributor provided the zoo with a Pantheon band saw to cut the meat for the big cats.

According to the zoo’s logistics manager, Lauren Palmer, who is responsible for animal food and food prep, the meat for the four lions, four tigers and a solitary Komodo dragon was previously cut using a handsaw.

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She explained: “We need to portion the meat fairly accurately to keep track of what the animals are eating. It was quite a time consuming exercise previously but now we’ve started using the Pantheon band saw, we’re saving around 6-7 hours a week, which is a huge bonus.”

Pantheon’s band saw is suitable for either fresh or frozen meat. It features a heavy duty motor designed for continuous operation using a blade with hardened teeth. It’s said to be straightforward to operate and all components, including the door, are designed to be easily removed for cleaning.

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