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As businesses seek to reopen and adapt to new hygiene and safety standards, many are faced with cost challenges around updating their infrastructure and equipment. With temporary closures affecting the hospitality, catering and specialty sectors, and new spend required on things like floor decals and safety screens, most businesses are watching their cash flow more closely than ever.

At Marco, we have developed cost effective solutions that enable hands-free usage of our water boilers, without the need to replace existing water systems. Then, for those that are looking to the future, we are also committed to incorporating hands-free as a key feature in upcoming product launches.

Adapting Existing Marco Boilers for Hands-Free Usage

Marco Ecoboilers with Tap Dispense

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This adapter is made from easy-to-clean and hygienic stainless steel and attaches simply onto the tap, secured in place by a wing nut, eliminating the need for users to touch the tap with their hands. Users simply need to push the adapter with the back of the cup or vessel.

Why specify the Marco Tap Adapter? 


  1. The curved lip of the adapter minimises the risk of contact between the cup and the tap
  2. The adapter is not activated, and hot water will not flow, until the cup is fully under the tap
  3. The adapter is securely attached with a wing nut to ensure stability and security
  4. The adapter allows for the “hot water” label on the existing tap to be visible for safety purposes


  1. The Marco tap adapter connects to all Marco tap boilers and the majority of standard tap boilers who use a handle of similar design
  2. The tap can be used as normal if users prefer
  3. There is no need for the water boiler to be disconnected or emptied; an engineer is not required to affix the adapter

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Marco Ecoboilers with Push Button Dispense

Inspired by medical hand-sanitiser dispensers, this adapter fits onto our Ecoboiler Push Button water boilers and allows users to operate with their forearm or cup. Made from easy-to-clean and hygienic stainless steel, the adapter is held in place either magnetically or with tape to the front of the boiler.

Why specify the Marco Push Button Adapter? 


  1. Eliminates button as a touchpoint for users
  2. The elbow-operated push button means that hands stay clear of hot water dispense


  1. Simple and easy installation, without the need for an engineer

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