GS Catering Equipment rides high with donkey sanctuary project

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GS Catering Equipment has worked with a series of suppliers to deliver a new kitchen and catering offering for the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidbury.

The Devon-based distributor’s original brief was to design a kitchen that could provide food in keeping with the locality and to bring the outdoors in.

The design was progressed and partly installed, including the extraction system, when the Donkey sanctuary appointed a dedicated food and beverage manager.

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He decided that instead of a sophisticated snack menu, the visitor attraction’s menu should be fine dining together with a provision that would suit the family.

“This involved a complete redesign together with a requirement to increase the electrical power to the site to accommodate the increase in equipment,” explained Peter Williams, director of GS Group.

The servery was manufactured and installed by Counterline, other manufacturers involved were Falcon, Rational, Foster Refrigerator, Meiko, and Bezerra.

In terms of the interiors, architecture firm LHC stipulated that the interior should be provided with all wood furniture and where possible reclaimed wood should be used. This led to the servery fronts being produced from reclaimed spruce cladding.

The sanctuary is open 365 days a year and attracts thousands of visitors a year.

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