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The MDs of several of the most energy-conscious catering equipment manufacturers reveal their sustainability strategy secrets to Catering Insight.


Hoshizaki is one of the most well-known catering equipment companies that focuses on sustainability, as UK and Ireland director Simon Frost details: “As a company, Hoshizaki is committed to continually ‘banging the drum’ and promoting the environmental, sustainable message both internally through our global workforce and externally in the sectors we operate in around the world. In the UK, this is no more evident than with the recent launch of the Equipped for the Future report, in association with Footprint Intelligence and the subsequent steering committee that has resulted from it.”

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This report is the latest evolution of an initiative which began with the Gram Green Paper. And the green thread runs right through to its appliances, with Frost commenting: “Our product portfolio offers one of the most sustainable choices for dealers and distributors, while still factoring in the highest quality and reliability at the same time. We’re not content with just resting on our laurels though, having already announced that we’re phasing out our less efficient HFC models throughout 2019, replacing them with units that use the naturally occurring HC refrigerant gasses, which is planned to be done, in its entirety, by the end of this year.”

In terms of the energy labelling standards within the refrigeration sector, he added: “I think the concept behind the EU EcoDesign Directive has very much helped the industry to become greener, focusing mind and manufacturing on how to reduce our impact on the wider industry.

“That being said, we have found a number of examples where the legislation is being flaunted and because it is proving so difficult to police, what with the number of products and the constantly developing technology and product availability, I feel that some dealers and operators are being misled about the true efficiency ratings on equipment.”


Another supporter of the ‘Equipped for the Future’ initiative is Swedish warewasher manufacturer Wexiödisk. MD Magnus Titusson revealed: “We’re proud to be joining other leading champions of sustainability by supporting the ‘Equipped for the Future’ steering committee this year. By forming a task group with the aim of raising awareness and educating those working across foodservice, we hope to be able to generate a cleaner, greener future for our industry.

“Each and every business in foodservice has a responsibility and a key part to play in developing a sustainable future for our industry, and Wexiödisk is no exception to this. Originating from Sweden, our company ethos is intrinsically linked to the wider environment and this filters down through everything we do.”

In terms of focusing dealer minds on sustainability, Titusson detailed: “We host a number of dealer meetings in key territories around the world each year. In each of these meetings we schedule time aside to discuss our goal of a circular economy, detailing our own activity to minimise demand on the environment while also demonstrating how dealers can help generate a greener approach when specifying equipment for projects. We create detailed product information relating to our most efficient appliances, including our award-winning Pre-Rinse Machines (PRM), one of the most sustainable innovations in dishwashing in the past 20 years, or our ICS+ rack conveyor machines, which help by encouraging dealers to specify green equipment.”

And delving further into the subject of the circular economy, he concluded: “For commercial warewashing, there are many ways of working towards this, for example, creating appliances that are able to reuse waste water, recommending the use of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals or even developing machines that offer a long product lifecycle and are made from materials that are easy to recycle at the end of their usable lifespan.”

Exclusive Ranges

Trevor Burke, founder of cooking equipment supplier, Exclusive Ranges revealed how his company has recently demonstrated its green ethos by introducing Celsius Class, the latest innovation in induction technology from Menu System.

With precision cooking and energy management at the forefront, Celsius Class combines several features to improve efficiency and ease of use, designed to help chefs to consistently achieve the best cooking and frying results. Its Blueline induction technology provides real-time data through energy optimisation system DIN 18875, maximising efficiency, avoiding power surges and reducing energy costs.

Exclusive Ranges recently introduced Capic into its portfolio, with Burke commenting: “We have seen first-hand the environmental benefits that have resulted from Capic’s massive investment in the factory in Brittany, which has collected numerous awards for its energy efficiency and excellent working environment.”

The brand’s next UK launch is the Plancha Plasma. Winner of 2019 Sirha Innovation Award, the plancha has four independent thermostatically controlled heating zones enabling precision cooking for both direct cooking and pans. The plancha is able to rapidly heat up, reaching 200°C in less than 6 minutes, together with its low energy consumption, the equipment can rival induction technology in efficiency.

Furthermore, Burke revealed the supplier is now working with food holding and management firm Beer Grill to introduce innovative food serving drop-ins to the UK. He added: “The latest in front of house and self-service equipment, the Beer Grill range is perfect for contract caterers and canteen operators, and enables us to supply efficient solutions for both back and front of house.”

In terms of distributor support to supply efficient products, Burke underlined: “With a greater focus on sustainability across foodservice, we can talk clients through how the equipment market is developing in respect to energy efficiency and which products both suit their individual needs and align with an overarching corporate green agenda.”

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