With wood-fired, gas and electric pizza ovens all vying for attention in the catering equipment market, the vast choice available for dealers to specify could seem overwhelming.

So manufacturers and suppliers have passed on their recommendations to Catering Insight to fully educate distributors about the options on offer.

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Solid fuel such as wood or charcoal can give foods authentic flavour, but ventilation around a cooking appliance using these fuels has to be carefully considered.

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The HSE recently released guidance on the installation of solid fuel kitchen appliances to clarify the situation.

Linda Lewis, MD of pizza equipment specialist importer Linda Lewis Kitchens, commented: “The HSE guidance merely formalises the procedures we have always followed for the installation of our ovens and the flues required.

“However, the HSE also mentions minimising the carbon dioxide emissions by only burning the fuel required.

“The Valoriani wood-fired ovens we offer are manufactured using the Valoriani family’s special ‘cotto clay’ from their own quarry in Tuscany, which has exactly the right of alumina for the firing of refractory brick, which means less fuel is wasted.”

Regarding ventilation, she added: “The majority of kitchens installing solid-fuelled pizza ovens are doing so as part of a refurbishment, recognising the appliances’ enhanced income potential.