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The Dimplex Air Curtains are already used in the retail sector.

The Dimplex brand, part of the Glen Dimplex Group, is now bringing the latest commercial hot and cold air barrier technology to the foodservice sector, with the launch of the Architectural Air Curtain range.

Designed to help stop air flow and contaminants moving from one open space to another, the units sit above an external doorway and work by creating an invisible barrier, preventing hot or cold air from travelling in or out of a building, as well as stopping insects, and contaminants, including smells from passing though.

Suitable for use year-round, the Dimplex Air Curtains feature warm or cool air streams, helping to maintain a restaurant, bar, café or retail site’s ambient temperature. Capable of linking with a door senor, the units can be used at busy sites, with a frequent flow throughout a trading period.

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With both horizontal installation (above door) and vertical installation (beside door) available, optional mounting arrangements are supplied separately. The Dimplex Air Curtains come in a choice of three sizes and are finished in either brushed or mirror polished stainless steel. Electronic fan and heat control and the ability to connect remotely to a thermostat are said to ensure the units are quick and easy to control when required.

The units have been designed to be mounted at heights of up to 3.75metres and produce a max air velocity of 11.5metres/s. Already used in the retail sector, the Dimplex Air Curtains should allow foodservice businesses to maintain the temperature inside the dining room, regardless of door opening frequency and the climate outside. In addition, the barrier of air created by the technology should help to prevent insects from entering and can be used to keep containments and smells out.

Lee Stones, senior product marketing manager at Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, said: “The comfort of customers is vital to those in foodservice, regardless of whether your business offers a grab-and-go offering or a traditional sit-down menu.

“As more and more businesses operate from dedicated but compact units, particularly on the high-street, tables are often situated close to doorways, and as such customers can be adversely affected by the outside climate. The Dimplex Air Curtains provide a solution to this, producing an invisible barrier above or beside a door, stopping heat escaping in the winter, or entering in the summer, in turn creating much more favourable conditions.

“Using the latest technology, the Dimplex units are quiet, effective and efficient. Controlled automatically via a thermostat, or linked to a door sensor, or via an operator controlled remote, businesses can achieve the optimum conditions for their customers.”

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