In November last year, well-known catering equipment sector marketeer Glen Crossland took the daunting step of setting up his own business, which he describes as being a dream of his for many years.

“I don’t think that there is ever a right time to branch out on your own, but more of a feeling that you are ready to take the leap into the unknown, see what happens and take the risks on the chin,” he said of his move.

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“The decision to launch was a very tough one to make as I was very happy in my previous role and the results that we were getting as a business were great.

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“But when you think it’s time to branch out you must either act on it or forget about the idea completely.”

Calling the firm Walnut Creative generated a talking point, with Crossland explaining: “The company is named after my puppy ‘Walnut’.

“All my friends and colleagues know he is very central part of my life and it just seemed the natural thing to do.

“I also liked the idea of having a marketing company name that meant something to me rather than a generic and somewhat typical business name like other agencies I have come across over the years.”

He believes that he can offer something unique to the foodservice segment as: “The key difference is that all my working life up to launching Walnut Creative I’ve been in the industry and I’ve worked at a number of levels, from marketing assistant, marketing coordinator to marketing manager.