Leading German kitchen designer and manufacturer, Küppersbusch, has unveiled its new ConvectAirS, which can download self-created cooking programs from an app.

Küppersbusch said that for the ConvectAirS it has put the emphasis on reliable hardware and practical operation. The compact oven requires only 0.32m² mounting surface. The company said that the customer can choose between either of the Expert or Professional series.

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Marc-Oliver Schneider, MD at Küppersbusch, said: “In the Professional version, the ConvectAirS is operated by a user-friendly colour touch panel and can download self-created cooking programs via app for Android and thumb drive. The ConvectAirS Expert is easily operated by a central thumb wheel.

“When we make our choice on new appliances and developments, we are focusing on the requirements of our customers – and these are obviously varying. That is the reason why we offer our “tiny” combi oven in both series.”

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For the ConvectAirS, Küppersbusch decided on using fresh steam generation in the oven chamber. It claims that the steam is readily available and does not require long heating-up times, descaling, or flushing of the steam generator.

Schneider insists that another highlight of the ConvectAirS is the cleaning. The ConvectAirS Professional version comes with the fully automatic TurboDrive cleaning system.

He said: “We have decided for liquid cleaning detergent. This makes a big difference – less transport and the amount of detergent used will change depending on the level of cleaning required from just a rinse to a deep clean from lots of greasy cooking.”

The ConvectAirS is available in the sizes 62 (6 x 2/3 GN), 06 (6 x 1/1 GN) and 10 (10 x 1/1 GN). The type 62 of the ConvectAirS can be connected to 230V or 400V.